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Use EyesAbroad as your remote eyes, ears and nose in any Amsterdam apartment. It's like virtually being there yourself.


Get a "guided by you" viewing of any property in Amsterdam using streaming video

Realtor pictures are stone cold. Utilize our physical presence to experience the actual feel of the property

We are independent, and we work for you, and you only

Don't rely on realtor pictures only. Get the true story behind a property.

Realtors tend to sweeten property pictures or use a wide angle lens to make the place look bigger.

And pictures tell you nothing about all the other stuff that's important to you, like:

  • Is the property properly insulated, and protected from streetnoise and neighbours?
  • Does it smell clean or does the neighbour smoke pot all day or leave his garbage in the hallway?
  • Does it offer a welcoming vibe so it can make you feel at home for some time?

We support property viewings with the following trusted services:

Reduce the risk of disappoinments. A virtual property viewing provides peace of mind and will help you in making an informed decision.

Get a real time remote property viewing with Skype, Viber or Facetime

No strings attached, it's just a phonecall.

Fill out this form and we'll call you to discuss your wishes for a virtual viewing

Act now and get a limited 25% discount and pay only € 225,-

We don't share your details. Never.

Get a "guided by you" viewing of any apartment in Amsterdam

Find out everything static property pictures don't tell you

Make an informed decision on renting a property from abroad

Emily Winslet

I will definately recommend you to my colleagues who are still in the UK. The Skype viewing was quit the experience, and it worked out just fine.

Jonathan Cohen

My compliments to you Richard. This has made my life so much easier. Based on the tour through the house we decided to rent it. See you next time.

Ingmar Klubbing

I love this service. I had Richard view an apartment for me while I was still in Kopenhagen.  I ended up not taking the apartment, but money well spent.

Janisha Drake

I used my large desktop screen, so it realy felt like being there myself. And being able to ask questions about streetnoise and smell was an absolute relief.

Here is what some of our clients say

Emily Crawford

What cities do you cover?

What are the requirements are there form me as your customer?

If you see a property that you would actually view yourself if you were in Amsterdam, we can do that viewing with you. We set the time and date, fire up Skype, Viber or Facetime and walk you through it.

What if our connection on Skype, Viber or Facetime is lost?

Do I make my appointment with you or the realtor?

What's your refund policy?

Once you've decided you want to proceed with a virtual viewing, inform your realtor that Eyesabroad will perform a virtual viewing on your behalf. They will then provide us with the keys to the property, or accompany us on our visit.

How does this service work?

How Much does it cost?

We will wait for the connection to resolve, or advise you to try another streaming service.

The total amount for an extensive, 1 Hour virtual viewing is currently discounted at € 119,-, which is including the limited 25% discount.  For that amount one of us visits the realtor, then the property, and performs an extensive virtual viewing, guided by you. Then we report back to you.

You need an internet connection fast enough to enable video streaming. In Amsterdam we pretty much have one of the fastests internet connections in the world, so internet loss for us is a thing of the past.

What's the big advantage compared to looking at pictures?

In the unlikely scenario that we are unable to perform the viewing due to our fault, we offer a full refund. That we promise.

Pictures show you a snapshot of an apartment. A real time virtual viewing provides intel on look, feel, noise and smell. You can f.e. tell us to move to the livingroom and check for streetnoise. Pictures don't do that.

Right now we cover Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Uithoorn, Hoofddorp, Schiphol area and pretty much every city in a 40 km radius around Amsterdam. We are working hard to expand, but for now, this is it.

Use EyesAbroad as your local viewing agent and let us look, listen and smell for you. It's like virtually being there yourself.

Get a "guided by you" viewing of any property in Amsterdam using streaming video

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